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Product innovation is a cornerstone of our philosophy, and is driving our industry forward. We work with our customers to understand how we can develop new products or modify existing products. These hot products are available nationally, so contact us or your local distributor for more information.

Standex ADP is now offering a full line of Quietflex products. Quietflex offers many unique advantages; Quietflex can be added to any regular sheet metal order, it is available in bags or boxes, it comes in configurations of R4.2, R6.0, & R8.0, and it has several different styles available to satisfy any residential, commercial, or manufactured home need. Sizes available: 3"-22"
Right Angle Return
The Right Angle Return Air Shoe is compact in design with an easy-access filter for simple removal. It accepts a 5", 25x20 filter and has an adjustable duct opening of 24x8 to 24x10.
Support Box with Filter Drawer
The new Support Box with Filter Drawer has a sliding drawer for easy filter removal. It is stronger and lighter in design to withstand today's larger capacity furnaces. Hardware included to adjust filter size from 1" to 5" applications. With rigid, 24 gauge construction, it can support up to a 300lb furnace. Available sizes: SBFD-30, SBFD-36, & SBFD-4017.
Radiation Damper Boot
Why waste time on the jobsite installing radiation dampers, when you can get them pre-installed? Save time and money by using the Standex ADP radiation damper boot. We can manufacture any size you need. Availabile in center, end or 90 degree register boots.
Adhesive Takeoffs
  • Provide a tight seal for the takeoff when installed on either duct or pipe.
  • Provide sound insulation with the neoprene gasket between the two metal surfaces
  • Predrilled screw holes making installation faster than the traditional tabbed takeoff
Insulated Duct & Fittings
Insulated duct and fittings can be made from stock fittings or can be fabricated from special order pieces. Insulation thicknesses vary from 1/2", 1", and 1 1/2". Available fittings: Duct, Duct Elbows, Duct End Caps, Start Collars, and Plenums
Metal Drain Pan
Our drain pan features seamless folded corners and a hemmed edge for a leak-proof design.

Available in custom sizes, our drain pan is ideal for water heaters, heating/cooling equipment, and washing machines.
Filter Rack
  • Filter racks offer the installing contractor a fast and easy method of filter installation
  • Provide the homeowner with an easy replacement versus filters installed in the furnace
  • Available for all common filter sizes and brands from 1” to 5”
Furnace Support Boxes
  • Available in many sizes to cover all furnace brands and styles
  • Come with an available filter option to provide both benefits in one unit
  • Allow the contractor to set the furnace properly in all types of installations.
Filter Box
This custom sized box will allocate the space when it comes time to upgrade!
  • 1 inch filter rack with access door
  • Can be sized to match most electronic air cleaners
  • Save time and labor
  • No need to redesign ductwork
Shurtape Technologies (www.shurtape.com) is an industry leading producer of all-weather foil tape for metal ducts as well as flexible film and cloth for flex duct connections – and anything in between. Shurtape has all the tape professional HVAC contractors need for long lasting air systems that meet UL code.
Boss Products
Boss® Products (www.bossproducts.com) manufactures a vast product line of professional grade adhesives and sealants for the HVAC market. Their products include a variety of silicone and butyl rubber sealants, expanding foam, and fire stop products, just to name a few
Polymer Adhesives
Polymer Adhesives (www.polymeradhesives.com) knows that quality products begin with high quality ingredients, and a firm appreciation for performance demands in “fields” applications. That is why their line of duct sealants and insulation adhesives have the performance that the industry has come to rely on.
Armacell (www.armaflex.com) is global leader in engineered foams, providing insulation, specialty foam and rubber solutions for a wide range of industries. They developed Armaflex®, the world's foremost trademark in flexible foam insulation. Armaflex Pipe Insulation is the original closed cell, fiber-free elastomeric foam and the world’s most recognized brand. It is the first choice for insulating chilled water and refrigeration lines.
C & S Manufacturing Corp.
C & S Manufacturing Corp. (www.bassetproducts.com) manufactures a wide variety of installation products for the HVAC and Plumbing industry under the familiar BASSET brand name. Their vast product offering include brackets, straps and hangers, strapping, pipe clamps, and stud guards.
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